Federico & Rachelle Lauro (Indigo V)

[June 10 – June 16]

Rachelle and Federico cofounded Indigo V Expeditions (http://www.indigovexpeditions.org) , a worldwide nonprofit organization dedicated to ocean health. In 2013, they pioneered citizen sailing oceanography as a way to crowdsource vital plankton date. To date, their volunteers have collected over 600 samples from across all four ocean basins.

Federico hails from Venice, Italy. He got his PhD from Scripps Institution of Oceanography and currently works at Nanyang Technological University as an Associate Professor and Chair for the Asian School of the Environment. He’s an Antarctic explorer and sea captain with over 20,000 sea miles to his name.

Rachelle graduated from UCSD and is an award winning writer and photographer. She’s also a NAUI Divemaster and First Mate on Indigo V, a Swan 61, with over 11,000 sea miles. They are ideally placed to lead this intrepid journey into the land of DNA jungle hacking.

Their project:

We’re going to bring our handy dandy portable DNA sequencer and teach everyone how to sequence the DNA in our samples. From the results, we’ll make DNA art for everyone to take home with them.