Adam Zaretsky

[June 10 – June 24 (maybe July 1)]

Adam Zaretsky Ph.D. is a Wet-Lab Art Practitioner mixing Ecology, Biotechnology, Non-human Relations, Body Performance and Gastronomy. Zaretsky stages lively, hands-on bioart production labs based on topics such as: foreign species invasion (pure/impure), radical food science (edible/inedible), jazz bioinformatics (code/flesh), tissue culture (undead/semi-alive), transgenic design issues (traits/desires), interactive ethology (person/machine/non-human) and physiology (performance/stress). Headmaster VASTAL (The Vivoarts School for Transgenic Aesthetics Ltd.), Principal NADLinc (Biotech Corporation), Artist in Residence, psyFert (Psychic Fertility Clinic), Advisor, BEAk (The Bioart Ethical Advisory komission)

Biodiversity Bank Themed Sustainable Miniature Golf Course: 
Miniature golf is great low impact fun especially if it is sourced from local and sustainable materials. This minimal impact portable eco-minigolf course also houses a qualitative library of biodiversity in mangrove, rainforest and coral reef biomes. The Library of Natural Excesses and Exuberant Traits is on hand for editing as a part of the miniature golf course. So we create  collaborative Literary of field notes detailing conceptual aesthetic BioBanks for Future Human/Nonhuman Germline Hybrid Experiments in Human Inherited Genetic Modification. What do you think the range of possible future bodies is? Which GMO humans should be included in the Transgenic Human Genome Project (THGP)? This a fun, social outpost made from crafted natural golf balls (baby casaba), DIY golfclubs (bamboo) and temporary redesign of loosley themed nature. The Sustainable Miniature Golf Course is an interface to teach-in about biodiversity, human gene editing and bioethics. It is also a chill-out node to refuel, talk about theory and practice, hatch bioart ideas and underwater AR-VJ immersive transmission station.

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