Conference – Unconference

This conference combines the traditions of many other events, workshops, camps, and unconferences. We combine many of the fruitful techniques these groups have found for building rich environments conducive to emergent explorations and in-depth discussions. Some examples include:

PIFcamp  –  Slovenian Hacker camp

Signalfire – the outdoor hiking art and activism residency

ITP camp – An “Un-University” emergent month of workshops.

Ars Bioarctica – Art residency in the arctic

HackteriaLab 2014 –  a transdisciplinary collaboration amongst international and local artists 

Digital Naturalism’s “Hiking Hacks” – mobile expeditions and outdoor laboratories

By holding our conference over the span of 2 months, we hope to attract people who may have conflicting schedules for shorter events. If you cannot make our event, you should defintely check out those others!