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Date January 1, 2019
These are the costs of living with us at dinacon in a world renown scientific village in the Soberania National…

Frequent Questions

Date January 1, 2019
Main Rules What are the official rules of the conference? 1. You must complete something. Aim big, aim small- just…

Other Conferences

Date January 1, 2019
Hey, maybe you can’t make it to dinacon this year! There are plenty of other gatherings happening all around the…

Health and Travel

Date January 1, 2019
HEALTH Vaccines Panama does not currently require any special vaccines to enter (unless you are coming from a fever listed…


Date January 1, 2019
We managed to drop costs even lower than previously mentioned. Here’s a general rundown of what kinds of expenses to…

Code of Conduct

Date January 1, 2019
We have an evolving code of conduct based off other nice codes of conducts that deal with the intricacies involving…


Date March 11, 2019
Here’s all the things you need to do once you have been accepted!