Everyone coming to DINACON has just 3 simple rules:

  1. Make Something
  2. Document and Share it
  3. Give feedback to at least 2 other folks about their thing!

Many projects are also collected in our books (which are available to download for free)!

Here is also a growing collection of all the amazing projects developed at our fun little jungle/sea conference!

Dinacon 2 Projects (2019)

The Sustainable Zine

The Sustainable Zine featuring the DinaCon logo lasercut by Andy Quitmeyer Zines have been...

Watching Agoutis

I came to Dinacon already a devotee of agoutis. I had been observing them,...

Dinacon 1 Projects (2561/2018)

AUV flyby

  Minor change of plans: instead of running a mission (list of waypoints), the AUV...

Ecosystem Simulation

My goal for this simulation was to be able to abstractly demonstrate interdependence in an...

Erik Zepka

For the conference I did a series of projects, exploring different media and formats. I...