Our whole conference is entirely self funded!

If you would like to provide extra support for travel stipends and documentation for participants, you can donate now!

Square Cash– use a debit or credit card  (USA) – https://cash.me/$AndrewQuitmeyer

Paypal – Paypal account or debit cards (international) paypal.me/hikinghack

Venmo https://venmo.com/hikinghack

(for venmo don’t write that it is for like “conference fees,” just write like “splitting cost of housing in Panama” which is what you are doing)

Credit or Debit Cards– (Only use this button below if this is your only option, and you need to add a 5% processing fee that Paypal charges)

Donate Cryptocoin

For 2019 we raised $1285 USD + $61 USD in ETH or BTC

In 2018 we raised $2600 USD + $48.29 USD (in ETH) + $6.23 USD (in BTC)

Extra services we are looking to potentially fund:

  1. Travel Stipends for participants in need
  2. Documentation Crew
  3. Additional Sustainability features (e.g. Solar Panels)
  4. Useful tools and gear

*Please note that none of this is tax deductible or anything.  In the same way that this conference is just me renting out a space that you can hang out on if you want, sending money to this is just you handing me a bit of cash for some reason.

**Also note that donating money does not increase your chances of your application being accepted whatsoever. Only send money if you think this is a fun thing to support even if you are not coming at all.