Dinaclock: A time-correct view of Chalong Bay

Josh Michaels – http://joshjet.net

I spent my time on the island filming time-lapse photos of Chalong Bay. In total I filmed 6 days of photos. From that I took the best sequences to create “Dinaclock” – a simple web page showing an image from Chalong Bay that matches the current time where you are. Simply open the web page and you’ll get a refresher on the experience.

You can visit Dinaclock here:

You can leave the web page open and over time it will continue to match the time where you are. You can set it as the default home page/new tab in Safari so you experience it every time you open your web browser. I’m working on a Chrome plug-in.

The Challenges of Filming on Koh Lon

Aside from completing the time-lapse sequence, my secondary goal was testing my hardware for survival under the sometimes intense weather conditions that can be found on the island. I definitely got my fill of challenging weather and will be more prepared for future endeavors .

As one of the first storms I experienced ramped up I decided the camera would need reinforcements. In the time it took to go into my hut and come back the winds had greatly picked up, and by the time I got to the camera it was in the air on the way to a relatively soft landing on its top.

Among other lessons, the key one I learned here was that any filming done in areas with wind this strong requires the camera to be physically tied or clamped to a structure. Weight bags just aren’t enough when winds can get up to 60-70mph.