Node Leaders

Node Leaders are experts in many fields hosting public projects at dinacon that you can collaborate with! 

Mónica Rikić

Aug 25-31 Bio: I’m a new media artist and creative coder from Barcelona. I focus my practice in code, electronics and...

Kitty Kelly

Kitty Kelly (Quitmeyer) ( is a librarian turned professional yarn-crafter. Her interests lie in sustainability, knitting and crochet, books, and...

Scott (Seamus) Kildall

Scott (Seamus) Kildall is a new media artist ( who creates installations about how nature interacts with humans, including creating...

Amit Zoran

[July 1-8] Hybrid (digital, molecular yet local) Gastronomy. Dr. Amit Zoran is Senior Lecturer at the School of Engineering and...

Madeline Schwartzman

Madeline Schwartzman (,  @seeyourselfsensing)  is a New York City writer, filmmaker, and architect whose work explores human narratives and the...

Maggie Kane

]Maggie Kane ( is an experimental artist that specializes in the design and development of sustainable social systems via technology...

Daniëlle Hoogendijk

Daniëlle is an international field researcher, environmental educator, paraveterinarian, and soon-to-be tropical forester from the chilly Netherlands. Dani not only...

David Bowen

[June 02 - 14] David Bowen  is a studio artist and educator whose work has been featured in numerous group...

Marko Peljhan

Marko Peljhan is a theatre and radio director, conceptual artist and researcher. He founded and co-founded several still active arts organizations...

Craig Durkin

[ May 27 - June 9 ] Craig Durkin ( is a renaissance man of design and fun adventure. During...

ART±BIO Collaborative

ART±BIO Collaborative is an artist and scientist-led nonprofit organization based in Cambridge, MA that fosters the integration of Science, Nature, and...

Production Team

Production Managers

These are the folks we hired to help smooth day-to-day operations. They will help you get checked in, oriented, and ready to rock dinacon!

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Documentation Team

This is the team we have hired that will help you with Rule #2 of dinacon – document your projects! They are one of the most valuable resources we have!

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Here are the amazing junglepunks that will rock DINACON 2 with you!

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Conference Chairs

L Wilkins

L Wilkins is a cyborg based in Toronto, Canada. They are currently a PhD student at the University of Toronto, chair at Site 3 coLaboratory, and co-executive director of Little Dada.

I’m interested in exploring the relationship between the senses at nature through cybernetics. I want to explore magnetic fields and translating them into physical experiences. I plan to create at least 2 devices that translate these fields into sensory experiences, and contrast this data with other environments.

Andrew Quitmeyer

Dr. Andrew Quitmeyer is a hacker adventurer studying intersections between wild animals and computational devices. He left his job as a tenure track professor at the National University of Singapore to start his own Field Station Makerspace in Gamboa Panama: Digital Naturalism Laboratories ( Here he blends biological fieldwork and DIY digital crafting with a community of scientists, artists, designers, and engineers from around the world. He runs mobile workshops called “Hiking Hacks” where participants build interactive technology in outdoor, natural contexts. The Digital Naturalism Conference ( is his research’s largest event, pulling in over 100 participants annually from all fields to collaborate on finding new ways of interacting with nature. His research also inspired a silly spin-off international television series he starred in for Discovery Networks called “Hacking the Wild.”

Tasneem Khan

Tasneem has spent the last decade facilitating interdisciplinary initiatives in the fields of ecology, conservation, education and science communication. Her formal training in marine zoology and practice in the development of experiential learning pedagogies was translated into active programs during the eight years spent as director of the Andaman and Nicobar islands Environmental Team. Tasneem’s photography and writing are visible across scientific and popular publications, book contributions and development of learning materials.

Beyond the scope of research and field based education, she believes that learning and working across subject boundaries is fundamental. Her participation in public speaking and leadership programs is an effort to explore these pathways.

Past Participants

Over 100 people from every part of the globe came to Dinacon last year!

Hopefully you will be able to join us this year! Apply Now!

Stig Anton Nielsen

Dates: 5-15 June Architect and Maker / DK PostDoc researcher at IT-University Copenhagen, Dept of...

Ingo Randolf

Dates: 30/6-7/7 Project: experimenting with near-field intra-plant communcation. Bio: tinkerer, programmer, artist.

Hannah Wolfe

  Dates: 06/26/2018-07/07/2018 Project: Island Caterpillar Bio:  Hannah Wolfe is a media artist and PhD...

Lucy Patterson

Dates: 23/6–3/7 Project: Recording an edition of the diy science podcast. And hopefully geeking around...

Brian Huang

Dates: June 8 - June 18 Education Engineer / Founding Center Director @HackSchool My Project:  I...

Zahid Ansari

Dates: 26-May to 2-June Project: Ultraviolet Photography of Flowers and Critters on the Cheap Zahid...

Jennifer Jacobs

Dates: July 1st - July 6th Jennifer Jacobs is a Brown Institute Postdoctoral Fellow at Stanford University,...

Magdalena Sorger

Dates: Jun 10-16 Myrmecologist / Macro Photographer / Science Communicator Postdoctoral researcher at North Carolina...