Stig Anton Nielsen

Dates: 5-15 June
Architect and Maker / DK
PostDoc researcher at IT-University Copenhagen, Dept of Computer Science

Flora Robotica is an EU-funded project developing plant-robot hybrids. As part of the project research on electro-physiology from plants have come a long way with the commercially available Phytosensor developed by Cybertronica research.
I will bring a phyto-sensor to measure plant signals in various natural environments. We will translate electro-physical signals from plants residing in nature to other media of signals e.g. sound, to make them accessible to human cognition.
In turn we will use naturally occurring phenomena, sensed by the plant to trigger cameras or alert humans to capture these significant events.
A sensor-hub captures UV, light, temperature, gas and air-pressure along with images and electro-physical signals. Images, plant-signals and data are in turn processed to find patterns of events in the every-day-life of a plant.

In addition, I bring a waterproof programmable camera to capture underwater stop-motion movies, and movies of other projects in need of documentation. So give a shout if you need to document something under water between 5th and 15th of June 🙂