Maggie Kane

[June 24-July7]

Maggie Kane ( is an experimental artist that specializes in the design and development of sustainable social systems via technology and accessible educational programming.

Maggie is currently focused on developing sustainable educational and income-generating programming for community organizations in the Atlanta area. She serves as a Director and Chair of Activities and Culture for Freeside Atlanta, famously known as Atlanta’s original hackerspace. There, she develops and manages the weekly educational programming that provides free or low-cost classes and events for the community to learn about robotics, electronics, knitting, DIY arcade building, and more.

For this conference, she wants to create a project that focuses on sustainable practices for DIY textile manufacturing by sourcing 100% of the project materials from recycling sources in Thailand and the US. Her plan is to build a loom at the conference (from Thailand / Atlanta sourced construction materials) and obtain Thailand-sourced recycled materials such as: plastic bags, old clothes, wires, and more to weave rugs, bags, and more at the conference. Conference attendees will have the chance to learn how to make their own textiles with this loom during a set regular interval of Open Hours during my stay at the conference. She will also be documenting my journey making this project and plan to make a youtube video about the whole sourcing and making process.

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