Kira deCoudres

Kira deCoudres

[June 10 – June 24 (maybe July 1)] 

Kira deCoudres is a remix media artist and theorist specializing in topics of body-mind decay, mutation, and mutilation. deCoudres graduated from Hampshire College as a Five College Digital Humanities Fellow studying Science, Technology, and Media Studies.  She has presented theoretical work at the Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts (SLSA), the Electronic Visualization of the Arts (EVA London), exhibited media work at the International Symposium for Electronic Arts (ISEA) and the Global Community Bio Summit at MIT.  She has been an artist-in-residence at Cultivamos Cultura, worked at Wave Farm Radio, and performed at Rosekill Performance Art Space.

ImmerSea: Subversive Submersibles

ImmerSea: Subversive Submersibles is about underwater and semi-submerged experiences of Augmented Reality. What if we altered Augmented Reality Goggles to make the User Experience water resistant? The ImmerSea: Subversive Submersibles team plots to evolve this into a durational performance of human & non human participants that could be fed/broadcasted live as it evolves throughout the duration of our presence at the conference.

The ImmerSea team plans to put a lot of work into making Novel Economies of sensual data. The ImmerSea: Subversive Submersibles project engages with topics of behavioral immersion by connecting environmental and experiential bio datatics across human, animal, and technological populations. Here, media manipulation serves to make environmental/biological information experientially available, stimulating curiosity and interest previously inaccessible to large populations. Relevant themes are: Behavioral Immersion, Open-Ended Tools, and Technological Agency. This distinguishes our approach to both the media and the interface that AR provide people to feed their sensual data-bodies. We are studying obscurely in the realms of psychology, biology, art as research and free thought. The data of difference is most fabulous for the uncovering unique ideas about new technologies. So is a seaside retreat with a gaggle of fun funky creatives!