Yannick Mazy – Diva Marine

[May 20-July 15]

Yannick is the captain of the gorgeous Diva Marine. This is a vessel he and Tasneem have been working to develop into a marine makerspace on top of its normal duties as a commercial sailing and dive ship: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/vessel-for-inquiry-a-marine-learning-lab-pilot#/

Lucky for us, we got Yannick to join our conference with his amazing ship. He will be docked off our island and generously providing

  • Additional makerspace areas
  • Kayaks
  • Dingy
  • Waterfilter
  • Solar Panels
  • and his amazing experience and knowledge!

Saad Chinoy

saad totally not photoshopeed

Dates: Jun 1 – Jun 6

Project: Mud-Microbial fuel cell, and midichlorians.
Also perhaps a caffeine making machine and an attempt at Nidhi Mittal’s bio-plastic

Saad is a professional geek with a passion for coffee, technology, and the OpenSource way of doing things. For a living he conceptualizes tech solutions for Tusitala, the digital publishing arm of Potato Productions. Tusitala means “story-teller”.  Tusitala is on the look out for Asian stories that adopt the interactivity of the digital medium to go beyond the page, without trying to replace it. “trans-media storytelling” as the marketese would have it. Saad also volunteers with several non-profits and strongly believes that social enterprises should be the key users of and contributors to OpenSource tech. Enough of that boring day-job stuff.

Saad is a self-confessed maker of sometimes brilliant but mostly useless things and coffee geek. There, that’s better.

Ask me about the network of innovators that I’m now (extremely grateful to be) a part of: The Global Innovation Gathering


mud microbe fuel cell
it’s alive! microbes producing electricity

Magdalena Sorger

Dates: Jun 10-16

Myrmecologist / Macro Photographer / Science Communicator

Postdoctoral researcher at North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh, NC, USA

Website: theantlife.com

My project: I will investigate the ant fauna on the island and photograph the most common ant species/genera. I’ll then create an intuitive visual identification key. As part of my research at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences I work with K-12 teachers to bring citizen science projects (such as my project “Ant Picnic”) into the science classroom. A lot of my work deals with making ants and ant science more accessible to a broad audience. More about this work at discoverants.com


Pom Prasopsuk

Dates: 25/5-2/6

Project: Pom will be working on eco art, a combination of art and environment as concept

Bio: Pom is an eco artist from Thailand who make various kind of works such as sculptures, painting and product design focus mainly in environmental friendly

Here is the Link website to some of her past works