Michelle Lai

Dates: 14/6 – 22/6

Project: Foraging onsite, and also a¬† documentation of species with notes on culinary usage and edibility. Hoping to work with the kitchen – cooks to introduce some fun into the dishes as well ūüôā

Bio: Michelle is interested in issues related to the local agricultural and food system. She is also interested in exploring community-driven innovation and community engagement practices. Together with Huiying Ng, she is part of TANAH (Singapore), an interdisciplinary collective that playfully questions urban living via site specific interventions within and around the city.

Ananda Gabo

(Photo of me eating a military meal ration from the Peoples Liberation Army of China.)

I did go to university for design, but most of my intellectual nurturing was through my high school, SEED Alternative School (offered through the public school system, aka its free) in Toronto, Ontario. Through a radical teaching pedagogy led by Pamila Matharu I learned that my anti-disciplinary nature was an wonderful thing to have in exploring the world around me (this was not ok in university aha).

Past experiences and life meandering have included working as a UX/UI designer in a domestic robotics factory in Suzhou, wandering the hardware markets of Shenzhen, fabricator in a wearable design studio, building makeshift operating rooms with my mom for aid trips, running a radical feminists arts collective, trying to start a biohacking lab in a squat and then getting our wall punched in, and learning how to make GMOs. I don’t know what to do with my life yet.

I currently work as a cook at a restaurant that focuses on hyper localization, and as an education lead for the Toronto Youth Food Policy Council. By the time I will be at DiNaCon, I will probably have finished a foraging internship in Finland, as long as my residency with ArsBioarctica.

At DiNaCon, I’ll be working on a food related project. More will be posted soon.

Salman Khan Promon


Dates: June 9-11, 2018

Project: Children of Mother Nature-Natural Finger printing

Bio:¬†Mr. Salman Khan Promon is currently working as a Teaching Assistant and researcher at the department Mathematics and Natural Science, BRAC University, Dhaka. Mr. Promon is also the co-founder of ‚ÄėBioBangla‚Äô, a nonprofit organization in Bangladesh which is working on making biological research and bio-hacking available for the society. His areas of expertise are molecular biology and microbial genetics. Along with being a scientist and a bio-hacker, he is working as a ‚ÄėBiology Instructor‚Äô at The Tech Academy a tech firm that sponsors children’s talents in electronics, software programming, hardware, robotics and bio-hacking. He is the head of content creator at Nerdiz (nerdiz.com) and manager of research & communication at Beyond Innovation and Technologies Ltd. Mr. Promon is very fascinated by research and willing to make his findings public for the benefit of scientific development.

M√≥nica Rikińá

Aug 25-31

Bio: I’m a new media artist and creative coder from Barcelona. I focus my practice in code, electronics and non-digital objects for creating interactive projects often framed as experimental games, which aim to go beyond the game itself. From educational to sociological approaches, my interest lies in the de-hierarchization of traditional art relations. With my works, I have participated in different festivals such Ars Electronica, Japan Media Arts Festival, FILE Festival or Sónar, among others, and I have also done residences in TAG Montreal, an EMARE Residency at QUT (Brisbane) and Platohedro (Medellin).

At this moment I am working on a long-term research project around robots, artificial intelligence and social relations. The purpose of this research is to create an interactive installation based on a hybrid multi-agent social simulation. The multi-agent system is based in a master environment and a series of intelligent networked robots. The robots have wheels and different sensors that allow them to move, feel and communicate with the environment. They also have AI software that allows them to have their own personality, social status, and to learn and communicate verbally with others. The main objective is to visualize and analyze the power relations within a society in a physical way, through objects that represent the different individuals, their status and behaviour in a procedural simulated world. I’d like to bring some of this devices to the Dinacon and see how they interact with that environment.


Project:  http://www.dinacon.org/2018/07/06/island-take-away-sound-glasses/

Biomimeticx2 (Päivi Maunu and Marko Nykänen)

Dates: 27.5.-8.6.
Project: Creating a link between visual art and bioinformation.
Bio: Working group Biomimeticx2, Päivi Maunu MA (environmental art) and Marko Nykänen PhD (cell biology and biotechnology) utilize their expertise in art and science-combining studies and works. The natural cooperation between the environmental artist and the cell biology reveals unexpected connections and solutions. The members of the team work actively and participate in festivals and conferences in their own fields.
..and same in Finnish..
Työryhmä Biomimeticx2, Päivi Maunu TaM (ympäristötaide) ja Marko Nykänen FT (solubiologia) hyödyntävät erityisosaamistaan taidetta ja tiedettä yhdistävissä tutkimuksissa ja teoksissa. Ympäristötaiteilijan ja solubiologin luonteva yhteistyö tuo esiin yllättäviä yhteyksiä ja ratkaisuja. Työryhmän jäsenet toimivat aktiivisesti ja osallistuvat omien alojensa festivaaleihin ja konferensseihin.