Proceedings of the Second Digital Naturalism Conference, Gamboa, Panama (2019)

The Dinacon 2 Book is published!

You can order your own printed copy of this gorgeous 408 page, full-color, A5 sized book full of the projects and reflections of participants from the Second Digital Naturalism Conference in Gamboa, Panama.

Proceedings of the Second Digital Naturalism Conference (Print-$50.16)

You can also view or download digital versions of the entire book for free!

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This book is free to read, download, and share!
If you want to contribute to dinacon and, we have a suggested donation of $7.00 USD.

We take Paypal, Venmo, Square Cash, Cryptocurrencies and even Credit/Debit Cards! All proceeds help fund future conferences!

Hope you like it, and maybe if it gets you interested in joining us for dinacon next year, you can sign up for our mailing list for future conferences.

Proceedings of the First Digital Naturalism Conference, Koh Lon, Thailand (2018/2561)

The first Dinacon book from Koh Lon, Thailand is also still available for print as well as free downloads!

You can order a print on-demand in two sizes:
Large (A4 Size) Color Print ($28.79)

Small (A5 Size) Color Print ($25.87)

or just download it and print it yourself! (

Or view it online for free!

Proceedings of the First Di… by on Scribd