Carolina Gómez

August 1st – August 12th

I am a biologist in love with bees! My passion for these amazing insects has created in me a huge curiosity about the mysteries of their sensory systems. With the help of flashlights, cardboard, tape, plastic hoses, cameras, and some other common stuff, I’ll be creating bio-crafts to conduct olfaction experiments and to understand more about these cuties we call bees!

As part of the Dinacon Team, I’ll be helping and be your guide to find your way to creativity!

Amanda Savage

August 8th – August 31st

I’ll be playing with different ways to capture elusive and unusually quick moving bats in the jungle canopy. I have been using the powers of duct tape, cheapo dash cams and some ingenuity to capture bats attracted to their prey by use of sound or acoustic playback only… I would like to streamline this process and make longer running camera traps that don’t require constant maintenance and battery exchanges.

I’m also hoping to use the powers of intrigue and creativity to bring local residents attention to living in a national park and how going with the jungle is way funner than ignoring the principles of nature (ie: croc awareness; reducing waste; housing beneficial neighbors like insectivorous bats!)