Open House Birthday Party!

We invite you to come to Dinalab, our house, maker space, and art gallery! Invitamos a todos a nuestra casa!

123b Humberto Zarate, Gamboa

Friday, April 5, 6pm

Kitty and Andy’s birthday is coming up in April! This is a combined housewarming and birthday party, but instead of gifts, we’d like you to bring something you’ve made that we can exhibit in our little gallery space for the party.

It can be anything – drawing, photograph, origami, pottery, a scientific tool – as long as you made it! We can display the creations during the party, and you can take yours home at the end of the night 😊 . Message us if you have any questions about the thing you want to exhibit!

Also please bring a snack or a drink.

Elliot Roth

[Aug 21 – 26] Elliot Roth ( is a synthetic biologist, musician and entrepreneur from Los Angeles. For his day job he sells genetically-engineered microalgae ingredients to food companies. At night he writes science fiction and wanders, trying not to sleep. His work centers around building communities that are more than the sum of their parts, understanding how to best help individuals self-actualize and building tools that work to solve basic physiological needs. In his spare time he is learning to build airships and setting up a health system on the ocean.

His project is to give a gift back to nature for his birthday (august 24th). The only rules? It has to be able to be done anywhere with the items you can find around you.