Biobang! 0007: “Sailing Away from Thailand” Khan + Quitmeyer, Yannick Mazy, Madeline Schwartzman, Koh Lon, The Tide (feat. DJ Dez + JPOM)

Andy, Tasneem, and Yannick say goodbye to Dinacon, and set sail for new adventures, they head towards Africa, but who knows where the next Dinacon will be located? Meanwhile they chat with Artist, Architect, and Professor, Madeline Schwartzman about putting robotic nature on your face, they chat with the Island’s consciousness, The Tide stops by, and Yannick pokes through Space+Time! Apologies for sound quality, the island seemed to have been going through some tectonic movements, and kept releasing background “burping noises.”

They plug:

Madeline Schwartzman’s new books- “See Yourself X”

“See Yourself Sensing”

-Fighting Single Use Plastic / Upcycling

-Being One

-The Diva Marine Learning Lab –

-The Second Digital Naturalism Conference! Dinacon 2!


Tasneem Khan

Andy Quitmeyer


Yannick Mazy, Madeline Schwartzman, the Island, Koh Lon (Dani Hoogendijk), The Tide (Umeed Mistry)

Music by:

Dj Dez (

and JPOM (

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