Rainforest Digital Memories

In Gamboa, I felt really astonished by the gorgeous nature that surrounded us.

My idea was to reveal what we don’t see to viewable data. Using the small movements of leaves and other nature elements moved by the wind to reveal itself.

The process I followed:

  • Record video footage of palms leaves moving, flowers, water…anything moved along the wind.
  • Select small loops and export them to a smaller resolution (1280×720) and best performance codec using ffmpeg :

/usr/local/bin/ffmpeg -i  originalvideopath.mov -s 1280×720 -b 1000k -ab 128k convertedvideopath.mp4

Marta Verde

Dates: 26/08/2019 – 01/09/2019

Project: Rainforest digital paintings

I´m a creative coder and visual artist based in Madrid specialized in new media and digital technologies applied to the performance arts; and also in digital fabrication.

I create visuals, interactive and generative graphics, custom electronic devices, wearables and interactive installations for musicians,  artists, designers, arts institutions and dance and theatre companies, along with developing dynamic and interactive lighting design; and also teaching about interaction.

Currently I’m Fab Academy Instructor at Fab Lab IED Madrid.

About me: www.martaverde.net

[email protected]