DinaSound is live!

Pearl Ryder is a cell biologist who came to DinaCon with the goal to explore the natural world to revitalize her life as a biologist and to learn more about creating audio stories. She has created DinaSound to collect her stories and sounds of the jungle. So far you can listen to an audio diary and a fun conversation about weaver ants. Stay tuned for interviews with participants and lots of “stumbled upon” conversations at DinaCon!

Follow Pearl on Twitter @pearl_ryder for more stories from DinaCon and glimpses into the life of a scientist in training.

Pearl Ryder

Dates: May 27 – June 7

Project: Island edible plant survey and documentation in collaboration with Craig Durkin.

Side hustle: interviewing the cool people at DinaCon and creating podcasts focused on the wonderful weird world of how we find our way in the professional world