Sandcastles by Joreg

Attempts at acquiring a new skill.


Tool: Shovel bought at local hardware store “super cheap”

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Inspired by the god of sandcastles Calvin Seibert. ​

Ode to Dinacon

The Best Thing about Dinacon
You work
get hot
maybe frustrated too
and then
take off your clothes
and swim in the ocean.

Koh Lon, 6/7/2018

The Second Best Thing about Dinacon
Sitting on the porch
crochetting plarn
listening to friends talk
about why we’re all here
and why we’ll all come back
together again.

Koh Lon, 7/7/2018

The Third Best Thing about Dinacon
Is more important than the first
we’re in love
but still in the early stages of this relationship
learning to make meaningful connections
between zeros and cocoanuts
between dinaflagulance and ones

as love-affairs go
we worry about making this one last
our fear of rejection
growing every day we don’t act

but let us not expect
too much too soon
let us become great listeners
observers, smellers, touchers and feelers,
“amazing” organs
of a loving -ism.

Bangkok, 20/7/2018

The Least Best Thing about Dinacon
Were we just flirting with nature?
making believe
that it is on par with our art science technology mix
the cocktail that keeps us going
producing knowledge
and plastic.

Berlin, 30/8/2019

Ode to Dinacon - verse 1

Ode to Dinacon - verse 2

Ode to Dinacon - verse 2 pic

Ode to Dinacon - verse 3

Crochetteering – a tale of fishy innovation

by Hannah Perner-Wilson (+C, KOBAKANT)

My plans for Dinacon were to develop An Underwater Studio Practice, but when I arrived and began going underwater to crochet and (thanks to Kitty) discovered plan, this practice lead me to write a story about ocean plastic as the result of our human ability to make.

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Crochetteering a stripy vest for a puffer-fish:
Crochetteering - a tale of fishy innovation

Drawing depicting the situation between humans and fish and ocean plastic:

Crochetteering – a tale of fishy innovation
A good-night story for Dinaconnaisseurs

Crochetteering - A Tale of Fishy Innovation

Crochetteering - A Tale of Fishy Innovation

Crochetteering - A Tale of Fishy Innovation

Crochetteering - A Tale of Fishy Innovation

Crochetteering - A Tale of Fishy Innovation

Crochetteering - a tale of fishy innovation

Crochetteering - a tale of fishy innovation

An Underwater Studio Practice

Hannah Perner-Wilson (+C, KOBAKANT)

During my 7 days at DiNaCon I want to build myself wearable studio gear that will allow me to go into the ocean to spend time there fishing for materials, diving for details, weaving with water and etching salty circuits in my datasheet-swimwear.

By trying to realize this unlikely combination of moving to stay afloat while moving to make, I want to see if I can dive deeper into the experience of what it means to be able to “make while moving through the world”.

Precisely because this endeavor may sound silly, it appeals to me. I have hopes that by distancing myself from reason – in this case “reasonable modes of making” – I can create an opening in the fabric of optimized experience to slip through and experience the other side. Looking back at our lives shaped by optimized experience I might catch a glimpse of something one can only see from underwater.

Underwater Studio Practice sketches
Underwater Studio Practice sketches
Underwater Studio Practice sketches
Underwater Studio Practice sketchesUnderwater Studio Practice sketches

A Wearable Studio Practice
This work is a continuation of my Wearable Studio Practice, a project I started after returning from an expedition with Andy in Madagascar in 2015. Since then I’m becoming ever more interested in applying my skills as an e-textile craftsperson to explore “making as a means of experiencing the world”.

Join me!
I have no idea where this initial idea for A Swimming Studio Practice will take me, but if it appeals to you, or if it does not, feel welcome to join.
Since I probably can’t spend all my time in the water, I will also be very interested to observe and study other people’s “dry studio practices”. Collecting ideas ideas and sharing these with you. If you would like me to follow you around for the day to study how you work in the wild, let me know, I would love to.

* * *

An Underwater Studio Practice lead me to write this tale of Crochetteering: