Erik Zepka

Erik Zepka has a wide field of interests, with having previous experience as a lab biologist, artist, media creator, writer, and hacker. He is open to all of DINACONs  themes, with a slight preference for creating an art project while being here on the island, throwing his background in the mix.  With this, he will attempt to create ‘ science fictional environments’  for the viewer, that will combine critique of bureaucratized science, open research speculation and play, taking advantage of what the immediate environment best affords.


Shreyasi Kar

Dates- 29th May to 5th June

Project(s)- Interspecies communication with plants and collaborative mapping of Dinacon.

Hi! I am Shreyasi, an artist from Bangalore, India. I study New Media Design at Media Lab Helsinki, Aalto University and live in Helsinki, Finland.  Some of the projects I am currently working on are – robot petting zoo, ecosystem songs, interspecies communication.

During my my time at DiNaCon, I want to set up a communication network between Tree 0 (in Helsinki ) and Tree 1 (on Koh Lon). Over time, I am hoping that this communication will reveal to us how trees/plants sense and respond to their environment and changes within it.

I would also like to make a collaborative map of DiNaCon. The map is in 2 parts, one which is bound by the geography of Koh Lon based on peoples experiences at DiNaCon and the other, a map of the network and collaborations that arise out of DiNaCon. Ideally this will be online and searchable and will have all kinds of amazing filtering possible but maybe an analog mapping workshop will be a good place to begin from 🙂

Some of my work can be found on

Pearl Ryder

Dates: May 27 – June 7

Project: Island edible plant survey and documentation in collaboration with Craig Durkin.

Side hustle: interviewing the cool people at DinaCon and creating podcasts focused on the wonderful weird world of how we find our way in the professional world

Huiying Ng

Dates: 13-20 June 2018

Email: [email protected]


What I’m doing

Using the geospatial map as a point of departure, I’ll be planning and making a database and map of edible plants on the island that can reflect as many categories of functionality as possible for DINACON participants.

I’ll be doing some walks around the island with people, exploring digital map interfaces but also working with paper-based maps. In my free time I’ll be working on a soil testing kit!

I need your help for the edible plant map! I want to know:

  • What will people do or want to do with local plants?
  • What will people use them for (or be used by plants for?)
  • Are there specific things you are looking out for in the plant varieties on the island? In ways related to your project, or even just for food/medicine?
  • What sort of natural remedies would you be interested in trying? (I am not a trained physician, this is just for fun.)
  • Are you looking for a certain kind of ecological habitat?


Some ideas I’m having about functions and categories for this map. Get in touch if you wanna work on something together!


e.g. of functions:

– food

– structures based on the material, durability, tensile strength of the plant etc

– structures based on the lifespan of the plant

– shelter for animals

– for soil: nitrogen-fixing properties, long roots aerating soil


e.g. of categories:

– ecological function it contributes to island’s flora: structure (for height, tall plants), bush, water catchment area…

– Temporality: plant’s growth rate

– Function for DINACON participants: e.g. food, ecology, structure

– Input needs by humans or animals e.g. reproduction through seed dispersal, reproduction through planting



Huiying explores links between urban agriculture, new imaginations of urban life and socio-technical transitions, and community resilience. She is completing a thesis on agroecological learning assemblages  in Southeast Asia at the Department of Geography, National University of Singapore. She is a founding member of the Foodscape Collective, a citizen research collective in Singapore that aims to expand a knowing of foodscapes by reading and walking them differently, and a part of TANAH. She has presented a mixture of individual and collective work on commons and food in the Netherlands, Canada, and the Substation and NTU Centre for Contemporary Art in Singapore. She shares her work here.

Raune Frankjær

[01/7 – 07/7]

I will spin some webs and lace up some tree(s). The webs will be connected to trees with bio-sensors and emit acoustic signals mediating the plants inner state, blending with the local soundscape…well, so the theory…

Hopefully it will sing  ….

Bio: Currently I am a Phd student at Aarhus University in Denmark, combining craft and digital tech to engender sympoietic experiences and new relationships between us humans and all the others with whom we share the planet. I have a M.A in Intermedia Design from Germany, a Diploma in Photography from South Africa, and a few years training in Architecture. I am also an self-taught artisan and maker.

more about me here:


Sjef van Gaalen

Dates: 22 June – 02 July. Research & Designer. Futures & Fiction, Collage & Camouflage. Attending Dinacon as part of the Random Forests project (, investigating the emerging field of environmental machine learning through fieldwork and critical reflecton.

Working on an iteration of our workshop investigating Autonomous Agents for Regenerative Ecologies, building on earlier sessions during fieldwork on the Dutch island of Terschelling, and at the Border Sessions festival in The Hague (June 13th if you’re interested!)

Yannick Mazy – Diva Marine

[May 20-July 15]

Yannick is the captain of the gorgeous Diva Marine. This is a vessel he and Tasneem have been working to develop into a marine makerspace on top of its normal duties as a commercial sailing and dive ship:

Lucky for us, we got Yannick to join our conference with his amazing ship. He will be docked off our island and generously providing

  • Additional makerspace areas
  • Kayaks
  • Dingy
  • Waterfilter
  • Solar Panels
  • and his amazing experience and knowledge!

Saad Chinoy

saad totally not photoshopeed

Dates: Jun 1 – Jun 6

Project: Mud-Microbial fuel cell, and midichlorians.
Also perhaps a caffeine making machine and an attempt at Nidhi Mittal’s bio-plastic

Saad is a professional geek with a passion for coffee, technology, and the OpenSource way of doing things. For a living he conceptualizes tech solutions for Tusitala, the digital publishing arm of Potato Productions. Tusitala means “story-teller”.  Tusitala is on the look out for Asian stories that adopt the interactivity of the digital medium to go beyond the page, without trying to replace it. “trans-media storytelling” as the marketese would have it. Saad also volunteers with several non-profits and strongly believes that social enterprises should be the key users of and contributors to OpenSource tech. Enough of that boring day-job stuff.

Saad is a self-confessed maker of sometimes brilliant but mostly useless things and coffee geek. There, that’s better.

Ask me about the network of innovators that I’m now (extremely grateful to be) a part of: The Global Innovation Gathering


mud microbe fuel cell
it’s alive! microbes producing electricity