Dinna-con Foraging Guide (PDF)

Foraged Noms!

The symbiosis of Dinna-con Fossils  have led to the creation of the Ko Lon Foraging Guide.

Click to download a digital copy of the  Ko Lon Foraging Guide and happy foraging 😉

Adam pleased with his haul of “firefruits”

Disclaimer: I‘m terrible with formatting – do exercise some patience as the fossils come up with the Dinna – Compendium of Delights !

Michelle Lai

Dates: 14/6 – 22/6

Project: Foraging onsite, and also a  documentation of species with notes on culinary usage and edibility. Hoping to work with the kitchen – cooks to introduce some fun into the dishes as well 🙂

Bio: Michelle is interested in issues related to the local agricultural and food system. She is also interested in exploring community-driven innovation and community engagement practices. Together with Huiying Ng, she is part of TANAH (Singapore), an interdisciplinary collective that playfully questions urban living via site specific interventions within and around the city.