Irene Laochaisri & Hermes Huang

[June 11-22] 

Irene Laochaisri & Hermes Huang of InsightPact will be coming from Bangkok to conduct research on the conference’s openness in the frame of “situated openness” with inspiration from “decolonizing methodologies” of research. This means that we will critically examine the openness of the conference’s intentions, participants, activities, and geography in regards to contemporary and historical Thai society, culture, and context. We will invite participants to partake in Thai culture and history discussions, ecological empathy-building & awareness exercises, and conduct research alongside our team.

Our research will incorporate elements of a technique known as systemic constellations, which is designed to draw out intuitive and emotional data from participants as it pertains to particular questions, objects, environments, and avatars – this will allow us to examine the participants’ embodied and situated awareness of their place in Koh Lan through another lens (as opposed to through ‘just’ a cognitive lens). We are also curious to build open tools that allow us to engage the environment to stimulate and engage the physical human body to enhance systemic constellations and evoke other forms of intuitive and emotional data.