Surrounded By Creatures – June 10, 2561 [dinaBlog]

There is an intense, humbling joy that comes from being surrounded by aliens. There are so many different creatures here and they are very obvious about it.

Hornbills swoop past while we are soldering, a treefrog jumps out of an electronics box, weaver ants start crawling all over your loom while you are working.

Importantly, these things are doing their own thing. They aren’t the pidgeons you might encounter in a city desperately trying to fit into the environment we cordoned off for ourselves. They aren’t pets we have strategically coerced to follow our rules. The wildlife here doesn’t give a shit about us, and it feels wonderful!

These wild creatures are scampering over and into anything we set up in their world. The effect is a constant reminder of how massive the world is and how tiny and ephemeral we are. Your brain, a wet, tightened knot, twisting around a problem, dries and loosens upon a wild animal encounter.


They drift in and out of our lives. Bright fluttering passing by for just a sparkling moment we are lucky enough to share. Love could be being immersed in things that aren’t you.