Tiare Ribeaux

During DINACON, I am interested in a few different avenues of exploration: studying symbiotic relationships and mutualism in different species in Panama (such as leaf-cutter ants and fungus crops; plants and mycorrhizal fungi; frogs and their skin microbiota); then creating a unique bio-digital project that involves sculpture, sensors, and storytelling to demonstrate these symbioses. Alternatively, I would like to research the unique amphibian life in Panama (with advice from the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute) and potentially design new structures, sculptures, recovery modules, or toys for these amphibians. These can be made of biodegradable materials such as bioplastics, and could collect various data using sensors. I would love to be a Node Leader at the conference, and could teach a bioplastics workshop, and do a talk about speculative design for and collaborating with other species.

Tiare Ribeaux is a new media and interdisciplinary Hawaiian-American artist and curator based in the Bay Area. She is the Founder and Artistic Director of B4BEL4B gallery, co-founded REFRESH Art, Science, and Technology; and curated the Soundwave ((7)) Biennial in 2016. As an interdisciplinary artist, her work explores the entanglements of technologies, biology and infrastructures with mythologies, the environment, and microbial/non-human species. She is interested in living systems, deep/dark/media ecology, rhizomatic networks, speculative futures, multi-species ontologies and collaborative entanglements.