Wythe Marschall

Dates: August 6–16, 2019.

Project: I plan to research and write an ethnographic article about how the Digital Naturalists form a community, building “swift trust,” and then work together to accomplish various goals. What counts as sustainability for us? What aspects of a living environment should be conserved? What makes a technology instrumentally or morally good? What values characterize digital naturalism as a novel discipline? And what role does it play in global movements for planetary health and justice?

Bio: I’m a Ph.D. candidate in the anthropology of technology within Harvard University’s Department of the History of Science. Currently, I’m researching agricultural technology startups. My dissertation examines the rise of vertical farming in New York City.

I’m also a research associate regarding controlled environment agriculture at Cornell University, a research advisor to the nonprofit FarmTech Society, and a marketing advisor for the smart agriculture startup Grow Computer.

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