AUV flyby


Minor change of plans: instead of running a mission (list of waypoints), the AUV was programmed to swim laps at minimal depth; this way it would always remain in visual contact from the kayak.  This change was needed because the acoustic tracker broke and lost a channel (became mono) so was useless for tracking.  Given the strong currents and murky waters I felt this was prudent.

Harold Tay

Dates: May 31 to June 2; June 10 to June 12

Project: AUV mission

I’ve been working Baby AUV for a while now.  This is intended as an open source low cost environmental monitoring micro AUV for citizen scientist use.  During Dinacon I’ll run it on a short mission and track it (by kayak) using the radio beacon it will broadcast, and also by listening for it acoustically (ooh! how Red October!)