Ananda Gabo

(Photo of me eating a military meal ration from the Peoples Liberation Army of China.)

I did go to university for design, but most of my intellectual nurturing was through my high school, SEED Alternative School (offered through the public school system, aka its free) in Toronto, Ontario. Through a radical teaching pedagogy led by Pamila Matharu I learned that my anti-disciplinary nature was an wonderful thing to have in exploring the world around me (this was not ok in university aha).

Past experiences and life meandering have included working as a UX/UI designer in a domestic robotics factory in Suzhou, wandering the hardware markets of Shenzhen, fabricator in a wearable design studio, building makeshift operating rooms with my mom for aid trips, running a radical feminists arts collective, trying to start a biohacking lab in a squat and then getting our wall punched in, and learning how to make GMOs. I don’t know what to do with my life yet.

I currently work as a cook at a restaurant that focuses on hyper localization, and as an education lead for the Toronto Youth Food Policy Council. By the time I will be at DiNaCon, I will probably have finished a foraging internship in Finland, as long as my residency with ArsBioarctica.

At DiNaCon, I’ll be working on a food related project. More will be posted soon.

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