Tips from the Pioneers – June 7, 2561 [dinaBlog]

The first (of what I anticipate 3) generations of dinasaurs is leaving! They left after creation a zillion amazing projects and leaving some good advice for the next batch!

1) get a sim card at the airport. Wifi here is not good or non-existent (and often off at the restaurant when the power is off)
2) When you get to the chalong pier go straight on the right side pier. look off to your right for a red long-tail boat. You can follow all this in the video we sent earlier:
3) “Super Cheap” is an option for cheap groceries right next to chalong pier (Craig also saw the largest rat in his life there!)
4) buy groceries for breakfast and snacks before arrival
5) There is a restaurant on the island – Breakfast ~150 baht  lunch ~300 baht
6) For people who get overwhelmed, the beach and the boat are good places you can get away from the cicada sounds and maybe groups of other people and relax and work in some silence.
7) Bring a flashlight
8) Bring a tent if you are camping
9) you don’t need a big sleeping bag, a simple sheet will do.
10) Email before you come (and cc me and tasneem
11) you can open a coconut without any tools and quite easily! collect them and drink them! Study dennis’s video before you come! Use the secrets of the coconuts against them!
12) Before you think of something you might need to go back to phuket and buy when you are on the island, go look in the forest or the beach for some materials you might be able to use instead!
13) bring stuff you need for yourself like bugspray and sunscreen
14) Clean up after yourself. Don’t be gross. If you see something is messy or overflowing with garbage, take it out.
15) Helping out other people with their project is often a better to learn what they do than just tell them to give you a workshop on it.
16) Sometimes other people’s projects seem more fun to help out with than being frustrated with your own. That’s ok! Go out and help!
17) Learn about some local foods that grow on trees around here! (Check out and help add to craig’s food map!)
18) Have a really great time!