The Department of Amphibological Research is now open for submissions!

Here at the Department of Amphibological Research, we take image recognition on new expeditions in the natural world and tease out the limits of artificial intelligence. We invite you to collaborate with our team by providing new inspiration for our amphibological experiments.

How to get involved:

Submit a specimen for analysis by photographing something in your environment and running it through an AI image recognition software (like this or this e.g.) and sending us the results. We’ll use these to create new amphibological studies for the archive.

As a token of our appreciation, you’ll receive one of our snazzy official patches (below) and a credit on the site!

Additionally, we’d love to hear from participants that have expertise in machine learning and any artists interested in creating amphibological drawings.

Yours in ambiguity,

Pamela + Matteo

Dept of Amphibological Research