Biobang! Ep 0003: “Shipwrecked Conference,” Khan + Quitmeyer, Brian Huang, Deke Weaver, Tiger (feat. DJ Dez + JPOM)

Our conference gets shipwrecked into a mangrove forest where we meet Brian Huang formerly of Sparkfun and now a teacher at Strive Prep Excel’s program. Deke Weaver (, new media performance professor from University of Illinois, crawls out from under Brian’s foot. They talk fostering empathy, animals and performance art, hacking, cyborg citizen science, webbed feet, and get a visit from a 300 year old Tiger.

Russian party boats keep buzzing by, they have a Weaving-themed “pokin it,” (30:41) and the group chats about making excellent civet cat cuisine.


Tasneem Khan

Andy Quitmeyer


Brian Huang, Deke Weaver, and Tiger

Music by:

Dj Dez (

and JPOM (

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