Biobang! Ep 0004: “Bubbles and Holes,” Khan + Quitmeyer, Adam Zaretsky, Hermes, Woowo (feat. DJ Dez + JPOM + Kira Decoudres)

We broadcast from our high tech Bathysphere observing the creatures of the deep.

We talk undersea augmented reality vs ecosexuality with Adam Zaretsky, get a visit from hermit crab concerned about holes, and explore concepts of being and undulating with a guest reincarnating telekinetic creature.

They plug:

Korean Internet Trends by Jennifer Katanyoutanant

Sensory Deprivation via filling ALL your orifices


And Breathing



Tasneem Khan

Andy Quitmeyer


Adam Zaretsky, Hermes (Jennifer Katanyoutanant), Wowoo (Tordo Sanchez)

Music by:

Dj Dez (

and JPOM (

and Kira Decoudres as the Bathysphere.

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