Ann Gerondelis

Dates: 13-18 August

Project: Drexel University Bio-Inspired Design – with team mates Raja Schaar and Becky Scheel. Together we’ll be working to expand our K12 and Higher-Ed Biologically Inspired Design and Citizen Science pedagogy by studying indigenous animals and plants. We’ll analyze their structural, behavioral, and functional features and adaptations to look for ways people might use them to solve problems in the conservation and sustainability space.

Bio: I’m an architect, writer, designer, and university administrator. I recently moved from Atlanta to Philadelphia to lead the multi-faceted Design Department at Drexel University. That’s Fashion Design, Product Design, Graphic Design, Merchandising and Photography. Whew! I love the potential for designing human experiences at multiple scales in ways that activate our sensing bodies. I’m a design evangelist, often inviting STEM-strong students into my world through courses and workshops in bio-inspired design. I’m most happy exploring my environs by drawing them, and can’t wait to see what awaits in the forests of Gamboa!