Janne Nora Kummer

16. August – 31. August 2019

I am Janne. I am a director, a performance and multimedia artist. I am a member of the artist group VT (www.virtuellestheater.net) and a researcher within the masters program “Spiel && Objekt¨ at the HfS Ernst Busch Berlin, where I met Leoni Voegelin, Tomas Montes Massa, Lena Maria Eickenbusch. As a group, we share the desire to develop an ecologic & non-anthropocentric view of arts. Our research motivation drives us to explore the interaction between the biodiversity of the rainforest with the behaviour of light, using these local biosolar entanglements as inspiration to create a techno-vegetal monster. Relevant milestones for us are monstrous & cyborg thinking, kinetic sculptures and object-oriented theatrical narratives. We imagine a solar-powered, Arduino-motored, light-searching hybrid creature, a wired-photosynthetic robot that aesthetically condenses our research and friendly coexists in the jungle. Speculating on the fusion of organic material and new technologies is for us an artistic urgency, and therefore we are eager to prototype and meet this critter!