Amina Abbas-Nazari

Dates: 21st – 27th June

Project:  Citizen Naturewatch is a project being conducted at the Royal College of Art and the Interaction Research Studio, Goldsmiths University.  We are aiming to create new interactions with nature for public audiences, via open source technologies. We are creating a series of low-cost, accessible, DIY devices, using off-the-shelf components, that collect content (video, audio, images, data) about animals, to excite and educate people about wildlife and technology. So far, the projects’ explorations, testing and prototyping, have been limited to the UK. In joining the Digital Naturalism Conference I will make, deploy and test new iterations of the devices taking inspiration from the more diverse ecology of Thailand.


Bio:  Amina is an independent artist and Research Fellow at the Royal College of Art, London, within the Design Products department.

She graduated from the RCA with an MA in Design Interactions. She is interested in finding points where fiction can become reality and aims to disperse metanarratives to give way for a more diverse range of ideologies. She creates designed interactions, speculative systems and sonic fictions, using designed media to expand reality and broaden people’s notion of what design can encompass, manifest as and effect.

Amina has presented her work at the London Design Festival, Milan Furniture Fair, Venice Architecture Biannual and Critical Media Lab, Basel, Switzerland. Also, given lectures at Harvard University, America, Queen Mary University London, the V&A museum, to industry and government